Megafauna Lumenvisum Asia One Edited by Tse Ming-Chong English and Chinese   Hardcover with dust jacket 168 pages 264 x 264 mm 2009 ISBN 978988179986   “Megafauna” is a term used by archaeologists and biologists to describe large mammals weighing more than 45 kg. We, human beings, are a possible member group of “megafauna”. Unlike… Continue reading Megafauna


No. 223 Lin Zhipeng (aka No. 223) Revolution-Star Publishing & Creati English   Softcover 240 pages 177 x 254 mm 2013 ISBN 9789868683952   ‘These are the immediate and natural status and looks in our lives. But we more than ever feel embarrassed. I am more into a simple, violent and immediate aesthetics that has… Continue reading No.223

White Night

White Night Feng Li Jiazazhi Press English   Softcover, with PVC printed cover 192 pages 225 x 320 mm 2018 ISBN 9789881457516   This is photographer Feng Li’s first monograph, with a selection of his colour works shot from 2005 to 2015. The title comes from a sentence in Holy Bible, “By day they meet… Continue reading White Night

Before Dawn

Before Dawn Espen R. Krukhaug Einer Books English Text by Philip Chevron   Hardcover 195 x 300 mm 80 pages 2008 ISBN 9788299788205   ‘The project Before Dawn began in the last months of 2004. During this project, I have explored night time and the insomnia and solitary aspects that comes with it. I have… Continue reading Before Dawn

Monkey to Monkey

Monkey to Monkey Nina Korhonen  Self- Published Swedish and English Text by Göran Sommardal   Hardcover cloth 112 Pages 235 x 295mm 2018 ISBN 9789163946455   The pictures in the book Monkey to Monkey are photographed in northern and northwest China, and occasional trips to Beijing and Shanghai, between 2004 and 2016. The monkey is… Continue reading Monkey to Monkey