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Rent a Foreigner
Joyce Fischer Rohrmoser

Rent a Foreigner, Joyce Fischer Rohrmoser

Rent a Foreigner, Joyce Fischer RohrmoserRent a Foreigner
Joyce Fischer Rohrmoser
Fotohof edition
English, Mandarin, German

Essay by Karl-Markus Gauss.


Print run 900
116 pages
215 x 285 mm
ISBN 9783902993861


‘Chinese society seems to be enhanced by testimonials from foreign influencers, hence the phrase and title of this photobook, “rent a foreigner” (referencing the Chinese colloquial term laowei ‘foreigner’), used here for those employed in supplying status and added visibility and value to such products. This photobook starts and ends with several pages of sepia photographs of those highly desired luxury items. The rest of the book (some additional 100 pages) falls into three main parts: 1. images that show the contextual framework, including landscapes and cityscapes of China; 2. portraits of mostly younger people who are the intended audience for the products; 3. business venues and encounters that illustrate points of persuasion and other business moments. Thus we have a very nice visual compendium of the promotional efforts to make these special goods appear more desirable.’ – from a review by Gerhard Clausing.

About the Artist
Joyce Fischer Rohrmoser was born in Milan, Italy. She is a freelance photography and video artist based in Salzburg, Austria.

About the Publisher
FOTOHOF editions has been publishing books and catalogues by Austrian and international photographers since its foundation in 1981. Over 200 mainly monographic titles have been published so far, generating a publishing house with international distribution channels.

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