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Hong Kong / China Photographers: Volume Two

Hong Kong two

Hong Kong twoHong Kong / China Photographers Two
Anothermountainman (Stanley Wong Ping-pui)
Asia One

Text by John Batten


214 pages
213 x 278 mm
ISBN 9789881704184


Anothermountainman (aka Stanley Wong Ping-pui) expresses his distinctive view of the city through a camera lens. His works are uniquely local, exuding a passion for Hong Kong as well as his unwillingness to compromise in his exploration of the real – not idealised – ‘Pearl of the Orient’. His down-to-earth approach and love for social phenomena allow him to expose the true heart of Hong Kong, and to touch those who want an unflinching account of the city. Anothermountainman’s photographs are of iconic people – including the late calligraphy-graffiti artist Tsang Tsou-choi – and iconic places, including the Cenotaph, Oil Street (an area occupied by artists in the 1990s), and even decrepit lanweilou (unfinished and abandoned buildings) in China. With them, Anothermountainman offers an alternative version of beauty – the touching beauty of presence and absence.

About the Artist:
Born in 1960, Anothermountainman (aka Stanley Wong Ping-pui) is a diverse and vivid character: a photographer, artist, designer and educator. After graduating from the Hong Kong Technical Teachers’ College (Design & Technology) in 1980, he pursued a career in design and advertising. In 2002 he co-founded Threetwoone Film Production Limited, a company specialising in film production for advertising. A year later he was inducted into the Alliance Graphique Internationale. His passion for art and photography combines and with his interest in social and local issues to produce works of unusual power. Wong’s signature work, the redwhiteblue series, represented Hong Kong at the 51st Venice Biennale in 2005. He has won more than 400 awards in graphic design, advertising, photography and art, and his works are exhibited and collected by museums locally and abroad. He has been actively engaged in tertiary education since 1996, helping to cultivate Hong Kong’s next generation of creative talents.

About the Author:
John Batten is a Hong Kong based writer, art critic, curator and organiser.

About the Publishers
Established in 2007, Asia One’s book imprint is one of the most prolific publishers on art and culture topics in Hong Kong. AOPP strives to create and offer works that represent Hong Kong’s creative scene as it develops, documenting its stories while showcasing its talented artists, photographers and designers. The Asia One publishing arm’s services and capabilities include editorial, design, colour management, ISBN applications, distribution and marketing.

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