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White Night
Feng Li

White Night, Feng Li

White Night, Feng LiWhite Night
Feng Li
Jiazazhi Press


Softcover, with PVC printed cover
192 pages
225 x 320 mm
ISBN 9789881457516


This is photographer Feng Li’s first monograph, with a selection of his colour works shot from 2005 to 2015. The title comes from a sentence in Holy Bible, “By day they meet with darkness, and grope at noon as in the night.”

About the Artist
Born 1971 in Chengdu (Sichuan), Feng Li, a graduate of Chinese medicine, practices photography both as a civil servant for the provincial Department of Communication and as an independent. In fact, he constantly gravitates between official imagery and his personal work, which is at complete odds with the propaganda he’s crafting for a living. The photos of Feng Li are like a series of fortuitous encounters with an unlikely cast of reality. Since 2005, may he be photographing a sedative congress or moving freely into the weekend crowd, Feng Li constantly nourishes his single, unique and plethoric series White Night.
About the Publisher
Jiazazhi Press specializes in Chinese and Asian photobooks and are based in Ningbo, China.

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