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Until Death Do Us Part
Thomas Sauvin

Until Death Do Us Part, Thomas Sauvin

Until Death Do Us Part, Thomas SauvinUntil Death Do Us Part
Thomas Sauvin
Jiazazhi Press


Fourth Edition of 2,000
108 pages
53 x 83 x 21 mm
ISBN 9789881263193


Until Death Do Us Part focuses on the unexpected role cigarettes play in Chinese weddings. As a token of appreciation, it is customary for the bride to light a cigarette for each and every man invited. The bride and the groom are then invited to play some cigarette-smoking games of an unprecedented ingenuousness. This publication pays homage to a tradition in which love and death walk hand in hand. These photos come from the Beijing Silvermine project, an archive of half a million negatives salvaged over the years from a recycling plant on the edge of Beijing.
(source: blurb at back of the book)

Description of Form
This photobook has a wooden front and back cover, with golden gilded edges. The cover is a photograph of Chinese cigarettes. The book is contained within a real Shuangxi cigarette box, which opens to reveal cigarettes on the front cover. One copy is signed by the artist.

About the Artist
Thomas Sauvin is a French photography collector and editor who lives in Beijing. Since 2006 he exclusively works as a consultant for the UK-based Archive of Modern Conflict,an independent archive and publisher, for whom he collects Chinese works, from contemporary photography to period publications to anonymous photography. Sauvin has had exhibitions of his work, and published through Archive of Modern Conflict.
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About the Publisher
Jiazazhi, is an institute of photo art publishing, devoted to exploring the possibilities of photo work presentation off the wall. Their practices include blogzine, publishing projects, distribution projects and a quarterly magazine.

Further Information
A video of Until Death Do Us Part.

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