PHotoBolsillo: Marcos López

PHotoBolsillo: Marcos López Marcos López La Fabrica Spanish Text by Josefina Licitra   Softcover 108 pages 130 x 180 mm 2010 ISBN 978841503244   Argentinian photographer Marcos López (born 1958) stages brightly-colored large-format photographs that humorously parody and critique society (primarily Argentinian society). This volume provides an overview of this self-taught photographer’s three decades of… Continue reading PHotoBolsillo: Marcos López

White Night

White Night Feng Li Jiazazhi Press English   Softcover, with PVC printed cover 192 pages 225 x 320 mm 2018 ISBN 9789881457516   This is photographer Feng Li’s first monograph, with a selection of his colour works shot from 2005 to 2015. The title comes from a sentence in Holy Bible, “By day they meet… Continue reading White Night

Energy / 氣

Energy / 氣 Lee Gab Chui / 이갑철 The Museum of Photography Seoul English and Korean Text by Park Pyungjong   Softcover 111 pages 220 x 240 mm 2007 ISBN 9788995568484   This is Lee Gab Chui’s most recent work following ‘Collision and Recoil’. Energy clearly shows the changes wrought upon the artist as he… Continue reading Energy / 氣


Gypsies Josef Koudelka Hasselblad Center English Essay by Rune Hassner   Softcover 32 pages 220 x 240mm 1992 ISBN Not Available   Josef Koudelka is one of the great photographers of our time. During his years of travel, he has described human conditions in many countries in his images, e.g. the everyday life of gypsies,… Continue reading Gypsies

Ensembles Assembled: in Full Colour

Ensembles Assembled: in Full Colour Katrin Korfmann Onomatopee English   Softcover 112 pages 170 x 240 mm 2012 ISBN 9789491677199   Artist Katrin Korfmann’s photographic works, represented worldwide, capture people’s movements with a bird’s-eye view; the grid of everyday life binding its dynamics. Rather than showing a sum of independent persons moving, Korfmann’s new work… Continue reading Ensembles Assembled: in Full Colour