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PopCap 14: The Contemporary African Photography Prize
Various Artists

The Contemporary African Photography Prize

The Contemporary African Photography PrizePopCap 14: The Contemporary African Photography Prize
Verein Liaison
English, Spanish, Arabic, German

Edited by Benjamin Füglister, Angela Nyffeler and Louise Pain.

Edition of 750
127 Pages
155 x 210 mm
ISBN Not Available


Photography in Africa is growing in the sense that new publications are coming out featuring work by photographers from the continent, while also various festivals are sprouting and new talents are being featured in the various galleries abroad. Yet as I mentioned, we don’t have adequate institutions that support photography education and without education we will continue to face the challenges of not having quality work that is competitive with the international photo scene, says Benjamin Füglister of POPCAP ’14 to Jorrit Dijkstra.

With photographic series about scarified people in Abidjan, the legacy of mines in South Africa and the initiation ritual of the Ekonda pygmies in the Democratic Republic of Congo the winners of this year’s POPCAP award show the African continent from a new perspective. The prize for contemporary African photography was held for the third time and sees its submissions growing each year.

About the Festival
The CAP Prize is the international Prize for Contemporary African Photography awarded annually since 2012 to five photographers whose works were created on the African continent, or which engage with the African diaspora.

About the Publisher
The association was initiated through projects that were previously started in the framework of Verein Liaison from 2012–2016.

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