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Operating Theatre: 1980 – 2008
Ali Curran

Operating Theater

Operating TheaterOperating Theatre: 1980 – 2008
Rodger Doyle and Ali Curran


With 2 CD accompaniments
112 Pages
145 x 210 mm
ISBN 9780956043900


Operation Theater 1980 – 2008 is a collection of images, poems, diary entries, drawings and much more archived pieces during the time of music made by Rodger Doyle during his time in Operating Theater.

About the Artist 
Rodger Doyle founded the music theatre company Operating Theatre with Irish actress Olwen Fouéré. They produced many important site-specific productions, including PassadesHere Lies and Angel/Babel, all featuring Doyle’s music as an equal partner in the theatrical environment. Operating Theatre performed in conventional and site-specific venues in Ireland, England, Holland, France, Venezuela and the US and released several records.

About the Publisher
Zero-G is a design company based in Dublin.

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