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Socovos Patrimonio Material E Inmaterial
Rubio & del Amo

Socovos Patrimonio Material e inmaterial

Socovos Patrimonio Material e inmaterialSocovos Patrimonio Material E Inmaterial
Rubio & del Amo


112 PAges
165 x 230 mm
ISBN Not Available


This book is a rigorous and illustrated walk through the tangible and intangible heritage of Socovos, a small municipality in the Sierra del Segura. A publication in which we have been able to participate in an integral way, from the edition of its contents, the art direction in illustration and the editorial design.

About the Artists
Rubio & del Amo is a studio focused on the creation and management of brands, books, packaging and other objects designed as communication solutions through design and creativity. We bet on clients committed to their projects and we defend an effective, fresh and honest design based on solid concepts.

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