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Zine Collection N°18 : Rêves De Femmes
Renée Jacobs

Reves de Femmes, Renée Jacobs

Rêves de femmes, Renée JacobsZine Collection N°18 : Rêves De Femmes
Renée Jacobs
Éditions Bessard


Edition of 250
38 Pages
150 x 210 mm
ISBN 9791091406314


Zine Collection no. 18 “Reves de Femmes” by the artist Renée Jacobs. A limited edition of 250 copies with a signed c-print by the artist on Kodak Paper.

Renée Jacobs’ work is the result of a very personal vision and interpretation of women. The female form is her intimate sketchpad. Life is a dream and Renée treats us to exquisite images that are a magical feast for the eyes of the beholder. You open this intimate volume and almost feel you are intruding. You are walking past an open door and witnessing beauty unfolding without the subject being aware you are looking in. Apparitions and fantasies, their story is left to our imagination.

About the Artist
Renée Jacobs is considered one of the most renowned photographers of women working today. She has published 5 solo monographs of photographs and is routinely featured in exhibits, anthologies such as Taschen and magazines around the world. Her sold-out book “Renée Jacobs’ PARIS” was re-released in a second edition in 2022, along with the first edition of her book, “POLAROIDS”, timed to coincide with a major exhibition of her work alongside Helmut Newton in Barcelona. “POLAROIDS” was a #1 bestseller on the photo-eye Bookstore list and was described by the British Journal of Photogaphy as “a tactile object to be treasured; a piece of art that is suited to hold the precious pictures inside of it.In the introduction to her PARIS book, John Wood wrote: “This is a book about Paris, about passion and about pleasure. Jacobs’ definition of the feminine is both an ancient and a modern one, of women as free spirit–as free as any man. Like Romaine Books, Jacobs presents formal elegance, desire and beauty all coupled with the allure of sexual magic.” Jacobs believes in the powerful, authentic, sensual and fearless representation of women. An American, she now resides with her wife in the mountains outside Montpellier, France, where she runs her atelier and workshops.

About the Series
The Zine Collection is a prestigious collection of short photographic works, which contains 40 pages including the cover. The usual format will be of a maximum of 34 photographs.

About the Publisher
Editions Bessard is a Paris-based independent publishing house created by Pierre Bessard in 2011. We are focusing on working with artists, writers and curators to realise intellectually challenging projects in book form.

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