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Zine Collection N°21 : The Selfeet
Lucie Beudet

The Selfeet, Lucie Beudet

The Selfeet, Lucie BeudetZine Collection N°21 : The Selfeet
Lucie Beudet
Éditions Bessard


Edition of 300
40 Pages
150 x 210 mm
ISBN 9791091406314


Zine Collection N°21 ” The Selfeet ” by the artist Lucie Beudet. A limited edition of 300 copies with a signed C print by the artist on Kodak Paper. #TheSelfeet A series of self-portraits about the ridiculous practice of narcissism on the Internet. Social network feeds and our lives have been invaded by selfies. This topic has been mentioned more than 92 million times on Twitter in 2014. A narcissistic, self-centred, symbol of the “look at me, like me” trend. Artists, Politics, models… Everyone is concerned by the “self-portrait” phenomenon. By releasing #TheSelfeet, a compilation of her feet photos, describing her everyday tribulations, Lucie Beudet proposes her own pop, experimental and provocative interpretation of the digital trend. This “photo-biographic” project drew the attention of Pierre Bessard from the prestigious Bessard editions. He proposed Lucie Beudet publish her photos in the Zine photo series, where famous photographers such as Cristina De Middel, Brian Griffin, Max Pam or Bernard Plossu were published before her.
Enthusiastic about the project, he explains that Lucie, “particularly understood this new global photography trend: modern and fashion. She managed to have an aesthetic photographic project, stuck in reality at the same time”.About the Series
The Zine Collection is a prestigious collection of short photographic works, which contains 40 pages including the cover. The usual format will be a maximum of 34 photographs.

About the Artist
Graduated from the Olivier de Serres School of Applied Arts, Lucie Beudet began her career in 1997 alongside David Creuzot as artistic director of the Beijing digital agency. In 2006, the agency La Chose bought Beijing. At 30, Lucie Beudet became creative director of La Chose alongside personalities like Eric Tong Cuong or Pascal Grégoire. In 2008, back to basics with a new 100% digital challenge. Lucie Beudet and David Creuzot launched the startup Lucie also develops artistic side-projects around digital culture.

About the Publisher
Editions Bessard is a Paris-based independent publishing house created by Pierre Bessard in 2011. We are focusing on working with artists, writers and curators to realise intellectually challenging projects in book form.

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