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Various Artists

Various Artists
Juliane Herrmann


Edition No.3
48 pages
255mm x 350mm
ISBN Not Available


Participating artists

Alexis Chivir-ter Tsegba, Federico Clavarino, Holger Jenss, Ilvy Njiokiktjien, Manyatsa Monyamane, Malte Wandel, Nora Hase, Oliver Leu, Paul Shemisi and Puleng Mongale.

About the Newspaper
Beyond III aims to open a discourse on colonial structures in photography, the power of images in our time and the conditions of image production in a globalised world. For the third issue, the initiative invited ten young photographers from Africa and Western Europe to present their work and exchange their ideas in a magazine, an exhibition and an international artist exchange with dialogue forum. The print magazine Beyond III was published in May 2020. It served as theoretical basis on the topic and offered a starting point for further discussions. In addition to the artistic work of the participants, the magazine published two texts by Fiston Mwanza Mujila (Congolese writer) and Mark Sealy (British curator and cultural historian).
The third edition of the magazine uses the language of art to open a space in which photographers from different regions of the world meet, exchange ideas, learn from one another and create new images beyond clichéd and stereotypical perspectives.

About the publisher
Hi, my name is Juliane Herrmann.
I’m a documentary photographer, video maker & curator
based in Cologne, Germany, working worldwide.
I’m open for photographic & cinematic assignments and for curatorial projects.

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