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Stephen Chalmers

Unmarked, Stephen Chalmers


Unmarked, Stephen ChalmersUnmarked
Stephen Chalmers
Self Published

240 x 165 mm
96 Pages
ISBN 9780692762127


In Unmarked, Stephen Chalmers photographs so called ‘dumpsites’, places where the bodies of serial killers’ victims were abandoned.  These sites remain unmarked by any kind of memorial in a quiet denial of the violence that occurred and the victims who suffered it.  Acknowledging these places with his images and naming them after the people who perished there, Chalmers lifts a stigma that unceremoniously draws a line of remembrance between those who died by intentional acts of violence and those who did not.

About the Artist
Stephen Chalmers has worked as a Lead Treatment Councillor to Severely Emotionally Disturbed children, worked as an Emergency Medical Technician, and taught gang children photography, informing his projects which deal with issues of loss. Chalmers has taught many workshops in alternative photographic processes and digital imaging, and been a visiting artist at numerous colleges and universities. He has also been a contributor to five books, and has been in group and solo exhibitions throughout the US and also in Australia, Ireland, British Columbia, Thailand, England, South Africa, and China. Stephen Chalmers earned his MFA in Cinema and Photography from Southern Illinois University, was the NW Regional Chair for the Society for Photographic Education for two terms, was professor of Photography and Digital Media in the state of Washington for eight years and is currently a professor of Photography at Youngstown State University in Ohio.

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