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Uncertain Nature
Andrea Alkalay

Uncertain Nature, Andrea AlkalayUncertain Nature/ Naturaleza Incierta
Andrea Alkalay
Spanish, English

Text by Eudardo Carrera.

41 images
220 x 280 mm
ISBN 9789874210845


Andrea Alkalay has journeyed through the human landscapes and customs. While sorting out her material, she never yields to the unusual or extraordinary. She rescues from oblivion a climate, a situation in suspense. She goes in search of the formally subtle traces of life and nature, to express the groundswell of their incessant thunder. Remembrance turns back in time and sails across geography. This set of travel images has the texture of memory. The evocation has re-written primitive contact with the world, charging it with the thickness of reflections and the perfume to questions whose answers are unknown.
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About the Artist
Andrea Alkalay was born in Buenos Aires and hold a degree in Industrial Design by the University of Buenos Aires. She has attended several workshops and was selected as a member of Proyecto Imaginario 2015 at Casa Florida Gallery. Her traveling experience through hidden locations inspire her passion in carving roads into the encounter between art and life. For the past 20 years Alkalay has used photography as a tool for storytelling, while journeying through Asia, Africa, America and Europe.

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