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Build Your Own Mobile PhotoBookMuseum
The Photo Book Museum

The Photobook Museum

The Photobook MuseumBuild Your Own Mobile PhotoBookMuseum
The Photo Book Museum
English and German


Softcover Catalogue and Loose Leafe Pages.
Various Sizes up to a4.
ISBN Not Available.


A catalogue and various pamphlets of the 2014 exhibition from The Photo Book Museum. The mission of The PhotoBookMuseum is to promote the photobook as an independent artistic medium. The PhotoBookMuseum is intended to be a vibrant public space that educates a broad audience about the form, content and function of photobooks.

Includes a cutout DIY ‘Make your own photobook Museum’

Designers Website – Kummer and Herrman

About the Collective
The PhotoBookMuseum was founded in Cologne in 2014 as a non-profit organisation that aims to foster the photobook as a significant photographic medium. It serves as a public platform for collections, exhibitions and events and is committed to research and education on contemporary photobook culture. As a museum of the twenty-first century it offers an inclusive environment for active involvement with the arts to a diverse audience.

Acting as a mobile museum, it uses innovative exhibition strategies and hosts international curatorial co-operations far away from the mainstream of traditional museums. So far, the PhotoBookMuseum is the only museum in the world that is exclusively dedicated to the medium of photobooks, focusing on its democratic potential.

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