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Re: Collections
Liza Dracup

Re: Collections
Liza Dracup


50 pages
150 x 210 mm



‘The badger’s paws have got nails through them so some references to badger culling are there. There are lots of interpretations to be read through the work – the sticking together of the badger’s mouth, and the unusualness of the fox.’ Although she handled a number of stuffed animals that had been killed more brutally, Dracup decided not to include them in her exhibition Re: Collections: ‘I didn’t want to go down the grotesque route, or the caricature route. There was one red squirrel in the collection that was reminiscent of TV character Tufty, which I couldn’t use. There’s a tension within the stillness of the photographs.’


About the Artist
Liza Dracup (born 1968) is an established artist based in the north of England and works across the UK. Her experimental photographic practice continues to underpin her work and academic research. This approach has led to various commissions, exhibitions and publications. She successfully completed her practice-based doctorate, exploring Photographic strategies for visualising the landscape and natural history of Northern England: the ordinary and the extraordinary.

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