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Various Artists

CONTENTS / ÁBHAIR Various Artists

Various ArtistsCONTENTS / ÁBHAIR
Various Artists
Studio+ and Bureau+
Irish, English

Facilitated by Léann Herlihy.


Hardcover, ring bound
210 x 300 mm
82 pages
ISBN Not Available


CONTENTS / ÁBHAIR is an interdisciplinary collaborative publication between Micro Studios, Studio+ and Bureau+ during Trimester 2 2023. CONTENTS / ÁBHAIR explores the ubiquitous process of gathering research whilst simultaneously resisting the techniques of clear categorisation present within the dominant representation of a ‘table of contents’. Ongoing, ever-present, rarely seen and more often hidden, CONTENTS / ÁBHAIR spotlights these fleeting moments of discovery which can arise behind the the scenes of an artists’ practice. This publication features snippets of work and threads of thought from the collective group of Micro Studios students and was thoughtfully designed by two Bureau+ students.

Participants of this project included Mollie Mia Murphy, Georgia Smith, Liam Kampff, Selena Quilligan, Síofra Egan, Lana Murray, Myles Quinn, Evan Shiels, Amy Bryan, Oran Farrell, Eva St. John, Hollie Silke Fetherston, Fiach McGuinne, Orin Green, Ciara Shannan, Erin Griffiths, Nicole Holbrook, Darwin O’Sullivan, Katie O’Sullivan, Colin Ryan, Fionn McQueen, Linda Kalmar, Oluwafolakemi Ibidokun, Isabelle Gaynor, Tommy Garland, Liwia Warszawska, Roméo Kerr, Emily Ní Aogáin and Angelika Palmowska.
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About the Facillitator
Léann Herlihy [they/them] is an artist, researcher and educator based in Dublin. Their practice is informed by trans*, queer ecological, feminist and abolitionist theoretical frameworks which deploy alternative modalities of expression through an array of mediums including live performance, video, billboards, sculpture, text, workshops and radical pedagogies.

Rigorously and creatively critiquing the positioning of Otherness in a heteronormative society, Léann actively transgresses beyond ‘Other’ as another tick-box option to choose from and moves to explore the generative capacity of collective engagement and resistance when we abolish colonial and capitalist prescriptions of personhood, the body and gender.

Employing a methodology of interdisciplinary collaboration, their practice actively de-centres the author and strives for multiplicity over a single narrative. Through this methodology, time and space become shared communal resources between an array of individuals as the parameters of individualism are resisted through a process of imagining how a collective might begin to live Otherwise.

About the Publishers
Studio+ is an optional additional year of study open to undergraduate students in Design and Fine Art at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin. It is an opportunity to combine accredited work and/or study placements, allowing students build a bespoke learning experience to suit their particular skills and ambitions.

NCAD’s Bureau+ is a publication project connected to Studio+ using collaborative approach to multidisciplinary work.
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