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Fat Éire, Issue Two

Fat Éire,
Issue TwoFat Éire
Issue Two
Various Contributors

Edited by Emily O’Brien.
Cover image by Grace Cullen.


84 pages
190 x 150  mm
ISBN Not Available


Fat Éire is a journal that gives a name and a collective public voice to the fat people of Ireland. It represents a population that is at once invisible and hypervisible. It is a publication that was created to uplift and unify fat Irish people, but just as importantly, give those who read it new perspectives about fatness. Its contents are informed not only by body politics, but by honesty, radicality and the power of the personal. The pieces included in this publication are by fat contributors living in and from Ireland.

About the Editor
Emily O’Brien is the co-founder and literary manager of Bloomers.

About the Publisher
Bloomers is an artist lead publishing collective and arts organisation based in Ireland. Founded in 2018, Bloomers initially produced two issues of Bloomers Magazine per year – before switching to producing one annual issue of the magazine and additional titles made in collaboration with artists and writers based in Ireland.