Nebo – Novi Sad

Nebo – Novi Sad Loren Lazic-Duffy Self-Published   Softcover 42 Pages 210 x 297mm 2018 ISBN Not Available   Journeys, expectations, dreams and reality weave alongside the ordinary every day in Novi Sad. Captured in 35mm, Nebo, meaning ‘sky’ underscores the bold colours and textures of life in the artist’s Serbian motherland. About the Artist:… Continue reading Nebo – Novi Sad

New York Over the Top

New York Over the Top Max Kozloff Contrasto Books English Text by Marvin Heiferman   Hardcover 100 Pages 280 x 210 mm 2013 ISBN 9788869653995   New York is one of the most ever-changing and photogenic places in the world. For street photographers, New York has always been a city of unparalleled visual excitement, teeming… Continue reading New York Over the Top

Paradise Stockholm

Paradise Stockholm Joakim Kocjancic Journal English and Swedish   Hardcover 116 pages 260 x 190 mm 2014 ISBN 9789187939044   “I started working on my Paradise essay in 2006, when I moved back to Stockholm after living in different European cities. Though born and raised in Milan, as a half-Swede I have always felt connected… Continue reading Paradise Stockholm