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#3, Sleeperhold Publications

#3, Sleeperhold Publications#3
Sleeperhold Publications


52 Cards
90 x 65 mm
c. 2011
ISBN Not Applicable


This deck of cards is a part of Sleeperhold Publications magazine series, which occurred in a different format for each issue. In this case, four cards each were given to fourteen separate artists to design. The contributing artists are the following:

— The Aces: Dennis Tyfus (Antwerp, Belgium)
— The 2’s: Eric Yahnker (Los Angeles, USA)
— The 3’s: Andrew Laumann (Baltimore, USA)
— The 4’s: Daniel Eatock (London, United Kingdom)
— The 5’s: Tessa Deceuninck (Ghent, Belgium)
— The 6’s: Hawlin’ (Berlin, Germany)
— The 7’s: Joshua Petherick (Melbourne, Australia)
— The 8’s: Tara Kelton (New York, USA)
— The 9’s: Arnaud Loumeau (Toulouse, France)
— The 10’s: Grant Willing (New York, USA)
— The Jacks: Bree Apperley (New York, USA)
— The Queens: Åbäke (London, United Kingdom)
— The Kings: Henridraws (Paris, France)
— The Jokers: Ryan Gander & Europa (London, United Kingdom)


About the Publisher
Sleeperhold Publications was an ephemeral platform for artist publications which experimented with different media and ways of distributing. They have released a photobooks, silkscreen postersets, playing cards, short stories and several vinyl records.

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