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Your Lips Are Wet With Venom
Vicente Mollestad

Your Lips Are Wet With Venom, Vicente Mollestad

Your Lips Are Wet With Venom,
Vicente MollestadYour Lips Are Wet With Venom
Vicente Mollestad
Hverdag Books


Edition of 100
16 pages
210 x 297 mm
ISBN 9788293633198


Your Lips Are Wet With Venom by Vicente Mollestad reflects on love, intimacy and sex as something inseparable from politics, history, capitalism, class, assimilation, power, colonialism. Dehumanization. Racialisation. Etc.

‘These reflections are presented in the form of song lyrics in varying styles, tone and genre, and are to be considered free to be used by the reader, myself or other artists alike in/for music making. The work deals/spawns from experiences and (thoughts/meditation) on growing/dating up as a indigenous person of color in a (white) European country. (and) Then going back to my country of birth/origin. As a consequence, love has been a difficult, growing concern to the point where it’s really (consuming) entangled with the world at large, political views and affiliations, and more difficult the more I think about it.’ – Vincente Mollestad

About the Artist
Vicente Mollestad is a Bolivian-born artist based between La Paz, Bolivia and Skien, Norway. His artistic practice develops within and around the relationship between the west and the un-western, particularly how colonialism lives and sets the premise for the development of globalism, immigration and culture production.

Mollestad works with various mediums, including installation, painting, sound, text and performance, and there is a continuous exploration of alternative spaces, audience and what he defines as practice. Among recent projects is an investigation of the phenomena that was European cannibal films from the 70s-80s, and looking into how global immigration and world politics shaped and continues to shape the Norwegian rap scene.

About the Publisher
Hverdag Books is a micro press and self-publishing studio, est. 2016 by the artist Jessica Williams and located in Moss, Norway. Hverdag publishes unique and experimental editions for and about the everyday. Hverdag has an in-house publishing workshop based around a Risograph CV3230 with 8 drums (colors) and gives frequent-ish workhops in self-publishing and risograph printing.