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Within You Without You
Kate Golding

Within You Without You by Kate Golding

Within You Without You
Kate Golding


Text by Kate Golding


36 pages
180 x 220 mm


“I scan my body, part by part. Scalp, face, ears, throat… moving through flesh, muscle, organs and joints until I reach my toes. I start again, this time, from the toes up, retracing familiar territory, observing differences. Eventually scanning becomes free-flowing, roving, intuitive. Thoughts emerge, I let them go…”



About the Artist
Kate Golding is a settler Australian artist based in Narrm Melbourne who utilises photographic processes to examine colonisation and the representation of people and place through long-term projects. Her current focus is First Nation sovereignty, the memorialisation of Captain Cook and the creation of counter-monuments.

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