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Wannabe Elisa
González Miralles

Elisa González Miralles
La Fabrica
Spanish/ English


Softcover, with silicon dust jacket
64 pages
190 x 280 mm
ISBN 9788416248858


Wannabe is a photographic project about doll-like girls in Japanese culture —about the objectification of these women to serve societal customs that lead to android-like behaviours. It illustrates how people who grow up in a given culture unconsciously feel the need to follow a predetermined role. With this work, Elisa González Miralles aims to question how societal standards —not only in Japan, but elsewhere— constrain human behaviour and the development of identity. Questions that affect us all, especially considering the obsession with self-projection in today’s society.


About the Artist:
Elisa González Miralles has a Masters in documentary photography from EFTI Madrid (2007). She received a grant from World Press Photo, Asian Europe Foundation and the Philippine Centre of Photo-journalism to take part in the Urban Youth project in Manila (Philippines, 2007), and participated in Darkside II in the Fotomuseum Winterthur (Switzerland, 2009). In 2009, Elisa founded the MADPHOTO academy (Madrid) together with fellow photographers Damián González and Manolo Yllera.


About the Publisher
La Fabrica devise, create, promote and develop cultural projects in very diverse fields. La Fabrica’s areas of work cover the entire sphere of contemporary culture: photography, art, literature, cinema, theatre, dance, architecture, music, science. Contemporary ideas and trends open to dialogue are behind every project they undertake.

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