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White Noise
Michel Mazzoni

White Noise, Michel Mazzoni

White Noise, Michel Mazzoni

White Noise
Michel Mazzoni
English and French

Essay by Michel Poivert


64 pages
190 x 300 mm
ISBN 9782930115221


White Noise by Michel Mazzoni is available to view on Vimeo.

White Noise is a place that has been divided into time sequences, impressions, sensations and blasts of optical heat, as we might imagine in areas where danger remains invisible and is nevertheless present. It is all the more dangerous in that it can only be detected by paranoia. Inspired by cinema of anticipation, postulating the future as run-down, a future contained in memory, the universe of White Noise is a series of imaginary photograms captured in dark rooms. They are also prompted by scenes in which characters try to pronounce words but remain dumbfounded. In White Noise there is a radiant, voiceless cinephilia. From Marker to Antonioni via Tarkovski, we find in Mazzoni’s work a community of thought with filmmakers who have managed to combine fundamental research for forms with sensitive expression…

About the Artist 
Michel Mazzoni is based in Brussels.

About the Publisher 
ARP2 éditions is a publishing house dedicated to photographic art. More specifically, ARP editions defends the work of author photographers who have a relationship with the landscape – whether this relationship is poetic, philosophical or documentary. Created in 1993 by Gilbert Fastenaekens, himself monitoring publications with the collaboration of graphic designer Joël Van Audenhaege, ARP2 editions has chosen to focus on quality, generating an intimate approach to images. We thus continue to highlight photographic works and authors who, through their deep relationship to the world and the landscape, bring a wealth of reflection both on the status of photography and on our environment in the broad sense of the term.

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