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Where Are You Calling From Tonight?
Devin Lee

Devin Lee

Devin LeeWhere Are You Calling From Tonight?
Devin Lee


Edition 2 of 50.
28 Pages
155 x 230 mm
ISBN Not Available


In the last years of his life, my grandfather could never remember where I was in the world. After I left home at 18, he developed dementia and could no longer keep track of what country or city I had gone to. As a result, each time I called him, he’d open with the same line: “Where are you calling from tonight?” My answers were always changing, but no matter where I was, he tried to piece together an image of it using his increasingly fractured memory of past travels, things he’d read in the paper, or images he saw on the news, descriptions of which I was always happy to hear, no matter how far off they were.

After his death, I conceptualized this project, which pieces together photos and collages to serve as visual answers to the question “Where are you calling from tonight?” These answers are meant to depict not only physical locations, but the places we go in our minds through dreams, memories, and mourning.
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