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What’s Wrong? with The Consolations of Genius
Seán Hillen

What’s Wrong? with The Consolations of Genius Seán Hillen

What’s Wrong? with The Consolations of Genius Seán HillenWhat’s Wrong? with The Consolations of Genius
Seán Hillen
Oliver Sears Gallery

Text by Mic Moroney.


30 pages
150 x 180 mm
ISBN 97809565485


This photobook and catalogue of Seán Hillen’s exhibition of new work in the Oliver Sears Gallery in 2011.  Hillen’s historical works have circulated widely in the Irish conscience for a generation. Having made the most famous satirical images of the Troubles, he created a new body of work in the nineties entitled Irelantis. These images perfectly mirrored the swollen angst and fantasy of Celtic Tiger Ireland. The new body of work uses images from the 9/11 atrocities, major Irish literary figures and scantily clad beauties to create a picture of a new paradigm, one where nothing seems to be reliable or certain. In these extraordinary times in the Irish State, it is the intelligence of the critical eye that makes the difference. Seán Hillen has not lost his touch.

About the Artist
Seán Hillen is an artist, photographer and ‘seer’ whose work includes collages and the creative use of photographs.

About the Publisher
Oliver Sears Gallery is a contemporary fine art gallery based in an elegant Georgian building in the centre of Dublin. It presents a contemporary exhibition programme including Irish and international artists, both emerging and established. The gallery is distinguished for its inclusion of contemporary applied arts exhibitions in its programme. With a proven track record of delivering exceptional and innovative exhibitions which are supported by collectors, museum curators and critics, exhibitions at the Oliver Sears Gallery are among the most respected and anticipated in the Irish art world. The gallery is also recognised for its international presence, bringing carefully curated exhibitions to London & New York.

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