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Waters Break Rocks
Anna Block

Waters Break Rocks, Anna BlockWaters Break Rocks
Anna Block


36 pages
140 x 190 mm
Edition of 100


”Waters break rocks’ is a part of long-lasting ‘Elements’ project- my artistic attempt to explore untamed forces of nature underlying life of a human being. It is an imaginative journey into space where physical and inner parts of human being intertwine with the ominous energy of pure wild forces and unspoken instincts. I pursue not to explore the visual surface of pictorial beauty of ‘nature’ but to observe or rather to feel what stands beyond its enthralling physicality – its inner dormant volcanoes and subterranean waters, its energy of growth and its resilience to outer forces but also a drive of every living creature to its inevitable death. Our bodies are decaying every second and we are all on a one-way journey. But the great circle of transformation knows no end.’

About the Artist
Anna Block was born in Russia, Moscow, in 1982. She is currently studying in Jan Evangelista Purkine University (Czech Republic). In 2007-2009 she studied at photography department of Moscow State University of Culture and Arts.

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