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Unseen, Jessica Lange

Unseen, Jessica LangeUnseen
Jessica Lange
Silvana Editoriale
Edited by Anne Morin
Co-edited by diChroma Photography

Texts by Anne Morin


144 pages
280 x 230 mm
ISBN 9788836630257


The Unknown is to writing as the invisible photography. The invisible, the unseen in the picture is a form of evidence, an ellipse, a failure, a disappearance, an evanescence, vertigo. This is where reality becomes immaterial, splits and leaves room for imagination. Imagination comes like the wind, is all- pervading, mobile, ethereal; it becomes form, face; it defies the gravity of sense, realism; it rebels against time and its persistence.

Jessica Lange’s photos are writings evoking the world, life, dream. These images do not recount anything except themselves, the tell of silence, wonder, emotion. It is writing of the unwritten. Writing, as Marguerite Duras once said: ” short, without the support of grammar, writing of words alone. Lost. Written. And immediately abandoned.”

About The Artist
Jessica Lange has maintained a career as a fine art photographer for nearly two decades, alongside her work as an acclaimed actress. As a photographer, Lange documents diverse cultures from regional and international travels. Alternately comforting and disquieting, the artist’s striking and unexpected photographs possess a kind of moody mystery that is appropriately cinematic.

About the Author
Anne Morin is the director of diChroma photography, which specialises in international traveling photographic exhibitions, as well as in the development and production of cultural projects. She is based in Madrid, Spain.

About the Publisher
Silvana Editoriale is a publishing house based in Milan, Italy.

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