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The Waiting Game
Txema Salvans

The Waiting Game, Txema Salvans

The Waiting Game, Txema SalvansThe Waiting Game
Txema Salvans
Editorial RM


88 pages
330 x 255 mm
ISBN 9788415118572


Gathering a series of photographs taken by Txema Salvans over the course of six years, The Waiting Game documents the exercise of prostitution along the highways of Spain’s Mediterranean coast. Disguised as a surveyor, Salvans photographed prostitution with an emphasis on the decidedly unerotic quality of its actual environs: the intersections, roundabouts, dead-end streets and shoulders of the road. The photographs in this book present the solitary figure of the waiting woman as a stereotypical image of objectified sexuality, in a landscape that is both striking and tragic. Exploring the varied and often surprising gamut of human longings and behaviours, Salvans achieves a balance of sociological dissection and naturalistic narration, and presents the image of the prostitute as an almost impersonal component of a larger mechanism.

About the Artist
Txema Salvans (b. 1971) is a Spanish documentary photographer with a special interest in how we humans spend our free time. He enjoys the positive interaction he has with his subjects making it possible for him to get a look at the physical and mental spaces of leisure where everyone is looking for happiness.

About the Publisher
Editorial RM is one of the most prestigious publishers of art books in Latin America, focusing primarily on photography and contemporary art. It also maintains a select catalogue of Latin American literary classics. It is based in Barcelona and Mexico City.

Further Information
A video of The Waiting Game.

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