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The Sundays of Life
Bela Doka

The Sundays of Life
Bela Doka


80 pages
300 x 245 mm
Limited to 250 copies, numbered and signed



Bela Doka, in his series titled “Sundays of Life”, charts a challenging path for himself. How do you photograph the quotidian moments that, while not dramatic, form the core of life’s pleasures and satisfactions? The answer for him is found in a country house owned by the family of his girlfriend. The world that he reveals to us is one of sun-warmed lunch tables, cool afternoon river swims, lazy walks in pathless fields, and tasks that are met with no timetable in mind. If we view these pictures from a hurried, urban mindset, we see nothing. Literally. Nothing is happening. But if we shift our sensibilities – as I believe he is asking us to do along with him – then we see the timeless, daily activities that create a Zen of satisfaction.


About the Artist
Bela Doka is a Hungarian photographer who has won a number of press awards.

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