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The Nomadic Studio
Michael Heilgemeir

The Nomadic Studio
Michael Heilgemeir
Edition Taube

Text Contributions Mike Nelson, Jonathan Harvey, Ron Henocq, Fran Cottell, Alastair Frazer, Emily Hussey Naomi Pearce and Tom Trevatt
Featured Artworks Thorbjørn Andersen, Tasha Aulls, Elena Bajo, Banksy (uncertified), Ruth Beale, Philip Bews, Steve Bishop, Ben Burgis, B.Y.O.B. by Kernel, Adam Christensen, Neil Clements, Ben Connors, Daniel Gustav Cramer, Ian Davenport, Annie Davey & Luis Carvajal, Tim Devas, Claudia Djabbari, Mark Fell, Alastair Frazer, Rodney Gordon, Diane Gorvin, Tony Hill, Joris Hoefnagel, Emily Hussey, Trevor Kiernander, Peter Logan, Betsy Lundquist, Oliver MacDonald for Gandt, Jasiek Mischke, Thom O’Nions, Ben Parry & Jacques Chauchat, P.A.S.T. Projects, Ksenia Pedan, Richard Sides, Adam Thompson, Joe Watling and Angharad Williams


292 pages
200 x 270 mm
ISBN 9783981451825


The Nomadic Studio is an enquiry into the role of the artist studio within processes of re-development in cities today, and portrays the spirit of an artists’ commune working in temporary urban sites. Operating as case study, this photographic perspective encompasses a set of vignettes, reflections, facts and fantasies extracted from the lifeworld of a transitional artist led community in Bermondsey, South London and its 18 months in creative habitation of a complex of defunct council premises. In light of this narrative the publication also revisits the rarely told historical experience of autonomous artist spaces and their sociopolitical implications through a series of new texts and interviews. Capturing the nature of such transient spatial interactions, The Nomadic Studio explores and highlights a vital cultural tradition of experimentation and freedom within the increasingly precarious urban zone and the extent to which these temporary artist-run spaces — despite their importance within contemporary culture and the city — are often forgotten.

About the Artist
Michael Heilgemeir is a photographer and educator based in Munich and London working with still photography, moving image and artist publications. He studied at Goldsmiths, University of London and State Academy of Photographic Design Munich.
As part of the artist group Misery Connoisseur he has jointly art directed and edited the publication of the same name.
His book ‘The Nomadic Studio — Art, Life and the Colonisation of Meanwhile Space’ was published by Edition Taube, Stuttgart with support from Arts Council England and DAAD. Michael teaches at universities in the UK and Germany such as the School of Creative Arts, University of Hertfordshire, IUBH Internationale Hochschule, and the Department of Design at the Munich University of Applied Sciences.

About the Publisher
Edition Taube is an independent publishing house for contemporary art and publishes artists’ books and limited editions in small print runs. Edition Taube believes in the future and demands and supports new positions on paper. Edition Taube was founded in 2009 by Jonas Beuchert, Tilman Schlevogt and Jan Steinbach and received the German Publishing Award in 2020.

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