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Pavement Drawings
Silke Helmerdig

Pavement Drawings
Silke Helmerdig
ex pose verlag


Edition of 365
32 Pages
180 x 220 mm
ISBN 9783925935701


Sidewalks and roadways are covered with all kinds of signs, often to regulate traffic or to indicate civil engineering work. In the conglomerate of lines, surfaces and ciphers, Silke Helmerdig finds curves and scrawls that are only conceivable as direct artistic expression through concentrated excerpts that avoid anything anecdotal. Klee, Twombly and Tapies greet from afar, but these lines retain their anonymity and become images through the viewer’s imagination. The beach may be under the pavement, but there are signs on it that point to unnamed poetic worlds.

edition365 stands for new series of books, self-financed by the artists. All are of the same size and appearance, 32 pages and a print run of 365 numbered copies. The edition is meant to provide photographers and other artists with a place for smaller work, for work-in-progress, to function as an exhibition catalogue or simply as a give-away.

About the Artist
“Photographs take me back to the moment of exposure when the future was still formed of possibilities, before it became the moment in the past which we look repeatedly back to in any present. By understanding a photograph as speaking in future subjunctive it becomes a call to action to recognise in the now what has not yet become, where true utopia begins.”

About the Publisher
ex pose verlag was established in Westberlin in 1986. They publish contemporary photographic work  especially focused on Eastern Europe.

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