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The Drift /// Parallax
Brian Teeling

The Drift /// Parallax Brian Teeling

The Drift /// Parallax Brian TeelingThe Drift /// Parallax
Brian Teeling


Softcover, boxed edition of three saddle stitched pamphlets
Edition of 120
150 x 220 mm
ISBN Not Available


The Drift /// Parallax is a triptych of publications based on the stars Arcturus, Rigel, and Vega. This series uses image and text to consider constructs of masculinity and how they intersect with sexualities, queer working-class identity, and remnants of memory enlarged into cosmic scale. Hauntology, psychogeography, depression, the presence of absence in portraiture, astronomy and personal archives inform this series. Caleb Scharf’s The Copernicus Complex: Our Cosmic Significance in a Universe of Planets and Probabilities questions what life would be like if it were in orbit of a different star. Patterns in the night and colours of light would be different to the earth’s sky. Drawing from this, The Drift///Parallax considers sequences of colour; how they tie together emotionally, while also feeling rooted in both speculative and real place. Each of the three works has a colour, emotion and a person attached to it. Assigned colours indicate specific arrangements, logics, and orbits found in romantic relationships. Arcturus is driven by lust, Rigel by dissolution, and Vega by doubt. Coordinates of time, distance, and speed, harden an initial poetic and hypnotic sexual flow. Body parts are aligned with architectural power, bringing unseen intimacies into public associations, with the intention to defy the limiting perspective of society on working-class people and magnify personal realities.

About the Artist
Brian Teeling (b. Dublin, 1987) is an artist living and working in Dublin.
He has no fine art qualifications and is entirely self-taught. Recent exhibitions include ‘A Vague Anxiety’ at IMMA (2019), ‘Halftone’ at The Library Project (2019, 2020), and ‘Uncover’ also at The Library Project and The Lavit Gallery,
Cork (2018). Work is held in several collections, including Bill Arning’s Gay Art Collection in Houston, Texas, The David Kronn Collection, and the State Art Collection in Ireland. Recipient of a Visual Arts Bursary from The Arts Council (2020, 2021) and awarded studio residency with IMMA at DAS Studios (2021-22), Dublin, and a Photography residency with The Darkroom. Forthcoming work includes a book on Áras Mhic Diarmada/Busáras (2022), the 192nd Annual Exhibition at the RHA (2022) a group portraiture exhibition with The Model, Sligo, and a group show with Small Night Zine at Garter Lane Arts Centre Waterford and Catalyst Arts in Belfast.

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