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Issue 7906: Home
British Journal of Photography

British Journal of Photography Home

British Journal of Photography HomeBritish Journal of Photography
Issue 7906, Volume 168

Directed by Izabela Radwanska Zhang and Mick Moore.


178 pages
210 x 280 mm
ISSN 00071196



British Journal of Photography’s first issue of 2022 is themed Home. The idea of this space is complex; for photographers, it can be the inspiration or the backdrop of new projects, where the most personal and intimate parts of life are candidly shared. The Eye Mama platform, for example, is a space for photographer mothers to exchange images and dialogues surrounding the complex experience of motherhood under lockdown. Our other featured photographers include Stephen Gill, Alba Zari, Mimi Plumb, Campbell Addy, Teju Cole, Anders Edström, Coco Capitán, Elle Pérez, Batia Suter and Naima Green.

We visit the studio of Marton Perlaki, celebrate 10 years of Kyotographie festival and explore the photography community of Lisbon. Plus, our pick of favourite photobooks and a special feature on the work of our Portrait of Humanity 2021 series winners: Alexa Vachon, Edgar Martins and Hyoyeon Kim.

About the Magazine
British Journal of Photography is a photography magazine that includes in-depth articles, profiles of photographers, analyses, and technological reviews.The magazine was established in Liverpool as the Liverpool Photographic Journal in 1854 with its first issue appearing on 14 January 1854, making it the United Kingdom’s second oldest photographic title after the Photographic Journal. It was printed monthly until 1857 when it became the Liverpool and Manchester Photographic Journal, published bi-weekly, then the Photographic Journal from 1859 to 1860, when it obtained its present name. The magazine moved to London in 1864, first to Covent Garden; then in 2007 to Soho; and in 2013 to Shoreditch; then in 2017 to East India Dock. It was published weekly from 1864 to March 2010, then reverted to its original monthly period. It is now also available as an electronic magazine, online and in iPad and iPhone formats.

About the Publisher
1854 Media publish British Journal of Photography. They are an award winning photography publication house.

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