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Susan Meiselas
Susan Meiselas

Susan Meiselas

Susan MeiselasSusan Meiselas
Susan Meiselas
Göteborg Hasselblad Center

Text by Rune Hassner.


32 pages
240 x 218 mm
ISBN Not Available 


This photobook was created after Susan Meiselas’ receipt of the Hasselblad Award on the 9th of September 1994. It is a retrospective photobook of her life’s work up until 1994. The book contains many of her photos of conflict in Nicaragua, some of her photographs from Thailand and The Philippines as well as photographs of subcultures in Vermont and undocumented workers in California, USA.

About the Artist
Susan Meiselas (b. 1948), one of the leading photographers in the humanistic-documentary tradition, has portrayed people in their struggle for social justice and human dignity, as seen in her powerful work from the revolutions of Nicaragua and El Salvador, which reflect a deep sense of engagement. In Susan Meiselas’ photographs there is a tension in the interrelation between form and social content

About the Publisher
The Hasselblad Foundation is a unique platform for photography in the Nordic region. The photographic research and exhibitions complement each other and are closely tied through publications as well as frequent symposiums. The Hasselblad Center is located in the Göteborg Museum of Art.

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