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Roadside Britain
Sam Mellish

Roadside Britain, Sam Mellish

Roadside Britain, Sam MellishRoadside Britain
Sam Mellish
Diesel Books


168 pages
280 x 200 mm
ISBN 9780956692818


Roadside Britain by Sam Mellish shows the traditional and quintessential aspects of British trunk-roadside culture, with emphasis on location and environment, in a series of beautifully shot images from across the length and breadth of the UK. The author spent four years venturing along the UK’s many trunk roads to bring home a real taste of roadside Britain, with an innate desire to learn more about his homeland, coupled with a real love of the open road and a good cup of tea. Introduced by renowned photography critic Max Houghton and with a preface by celebrated British social and cultural historian and journalist Joe Moran, Roadside Britain depicts the people and places of a threatened livelihood. It is by turns warm, nostalgic, quirky and melancholic and has immediate appeal to anyone who has ever driven any distance along the country’s A and B roads.

About the Artist
Sam Mellish is an English photographer from Suffolk. During a trip to Southern Africa, he learned the basics of 35mm photography and went on to pursue an MA in Photojournalism. Mellish is a freelance photographer of both analogue and digital photography.

About the Publisher
Established in 2010, diesel books is an independent publisher focusing on art and photography projects. Diesel Books was founded by Sam Mellish.

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