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Space between Creation and Destruction
Jihyun Jung

Space between Creation and Destruction
Jihyun Jung
English & Korean


62 Pages
350 x 300 mm


“Topos koinos,” or the shared common space, is in danger of extinction. Cities are only used as indicators of economy or politics, and no longer function as a place of living, which used to be their essence. Blinded by extravagant plans of development and a greed for money, people are giving up spaces for their lives, dashing toward the isolating urbanisation of function hidden behind pieces of metal. My work documents the construction and demolition that lie beyond that metal barrier. Expressed in the images are spaces that briefly exist over the course of either creation or destruction, cut off so that we cannot approach, cannot recognise its form. I enter these urbanised and disconnected spaces in an exploration that targets the perspective of looking back at a place we once lived, after the urbanisation race for “growth” has come to an end.


About the Artist
Jihyun Jung was born in Seoul, Korea, and received a B.F.A at the Seoul Institute Of The Arts in photography in 2005, an additional B.F.A at Chung-ang University, Department of photography, Gyeonggi-do , Korea Seoul in 2010, and an M.F.A at Chung-ang University, Department of photography, Seoul, Korea in 2012. He has exhibited widely including solo and group exhibitions through out Korea and Europe, and has received various awards and residencies. Jihyun Jung explores the deconstruction of architecture in his project, Space Between Creation and Destruction.

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