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Yi Hyuk Jun

Yi Hyuk Jun
KT&G Sangsangmadang
Korean and English


68 pages
220 x 260 mm
ISBN 8996349666


These works are to add artificial elements to forest. There are some special aspects in trees. Some of them are features that human expect or imagine from nature and the others are closely related to the daily living of people together with nature. The objects we can easily find in the trees reveal our way of thinking about nature. The human recognition of forest can bee seen in the mix of such objects and trees which include the images of all creation in the beginning, the feared space containing various danger, and the belief and incantation to overcome such fear.
Also, this work shows the relationship between human and nature through the traces of human living with forest. The vestiges of people existed in forest are the signs of human struggles in order to survive and symbolise the faith of mankind that cannot be separated from nature.
The contradiction of the ideal and actual looks of forest comes from the unique characteristic of human being who, contrary to other creatures, can lead a living partly separated from nature. The above mentioned two artificial elements in forest and my personal memories about forest point to the significance of forest which is based on the existence of human being.


About the Artist
Yi Hyuk Jun is an artist based in Seoul, South Korea.

About the Publisher
KT&G SangsangMadang, a multi-culture complex opened in September 2007, provides a great support in order to create new culture by proposing and sharing various fields of trends including performance, film screening, design, visual arts and education.

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