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Some Things are Quieter than Others
Jacek Fota

Some Things are Quieter than Others
Jacek Fota


104 pages
165 x 198 mm
ISBN 9788394035303


America is not all about the busy streets of New York or the beautiful National Parks of the west. Mainly, it is vast, boring and repetitive. The boredom of everyday life is the most interesting aspect of it all. What is dull to some might be interesting to others. I traveled thousands of miles to find these “boring” places. This is not a portrait of the US, but rather a story about a search for solitude, many times within the busy inner city of big metropolises.” In the course of four trips, which took place in 2012-2013, Jacek Fota traveled thousands of miles across the US. He intentionally avoided big metropolises and crowded places; the atmosphere we know from television, movies and photographs by Ansel Adams and Joel Meyerowitz. Jacek Fota focused on provinces and peripheries away from civilisation and away from camera lens. These places, according to the author, form a portrait of the US: dull, ordinary and stripped of majesty.

About the Artist

Jacek Fota ia a freelance photographer based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He graduated with a Masters degree at the University of Utah, U.S.A.. After graduation in 2008, he returned to Poland and got involved with photography. His interests lie in documentary photography and he usually works on long-term projects that require time and dedication to the subject matter in order to portray it accurately. He works with the Anzenberger Agency.

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