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Michela Formenti

Michela Formenti


172 Pages
175 × 185 mm
ISBN 9788887071269


Clavadores are the Mexican divers who throw themselves from high cliffs sheer into the sea. The landscape around them becomes psycological and merges with the divers’ concentration, in their low glance. There is a kind of claustrophobia in the vertigo, as if the landscape was becoming narrow. Only the final sequences loose up the tension in their bodies open in an angel fall, perfectly composed in the moment they touch the water. The video stills printed on PVC form a superimposed image which resolves when the page is turned and reassembles again before closing.


About the Artist
Michela Formenti is an Italian visual artist.


About the Publisher
a+mbookstore is a publishing house and a bookstore specialising in visual contemporary arts, founded in 1993 in Milan.

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