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From the Front
Letizia Lopreiato

Letizia Lopreiato

Letizia LopreiatoFrom the Front
Letizia Lopreiato


Edition of 200
36 pages
148 × 210 mm
ISBN Not Available



– From the Front – The front is trauma, that shapeless frontier line when you are at war with yourself, the nostalgia that traps your soul, condemns your dreams,
confines your growth. That bed of nettles where rest is a privilege too far from your hand to grasp, that green light you feel like you might never reach again, the
forbidden dimension you made inaccessible, even to your loved ones, unless … Unless they were there with you … Unless the silence of a world without you, your
energy, your spirit, it was so deafening, they chose to face their shadows to come and find you. The front is the Imaginary line, where everybody feels and looks the
same and there is only one soul, that door in the wall, when the only way out is but to whisper the word … Love.

About the Artist
Letizia Lopreiato is a multilingual visual poet and film photographer supported by the Arts Council of Ireland, while she is working with 35mm photography, poetry, spoken word, and Super 8 film, to develop her autobiographical and social documentary practice, with an art-photography style. Magnum Photos Portfolio Review featured artist (2020), Lopreiato embraced film photography in February 2018, after her visual impairment diagnosis. The artist writes and performs her poetry in English, Italian and Spanish, her work is published internationally, in the UK, Ireland and Italy. Lopreiato is a professional member of Visual Artists Ireland, her work is part of Ireland’s Office of Public Works State Art Collection.

The artist comes from a Magna Cum Laude research background in International Relations and over a decade international program-management experience in the technology industry across four different countries (Ireland, Spain, Denmark, Italy). Her interest lies in the application of barrier-free technologies for pluri-diversity inclusion, access and equality. Lopreiato’s artistic practice is engaged in reclaiming a different way to tell a story: from empathy to connection, from impairment to empowerment, from grief to love, from confinement to acceptance, social engagement and equality for our environment, both at an individual and at a community level.

About the Series
TLP Editions are an ongoing collection of contemporary photographic projects in the form of accessible and inexpensive publications by PhotoIreland. These A5 sized booklets present a standard format throughout the series, with 36 pages each, a cover with a text block of under 140 words that introduces the project, and the title and the artist name only available on the contra cover. The project creates a node of opportunities as it allows photographers to enter the publishing arena, while facilitating access to contemporary artistic practices to the general public.

About the Publisher
Founded in 2009, PhotoIreland was conceived as an organisation to stimulate a dialogue around photography in Ireland by developing a varied array of initiatives and events with a strong participative approach.