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Satellite Findings
The Mothership Project

The Mothership Project Satellite Findings

The Mothership Project Satellite FindingsSatellite Findings
The Mothership Project

Essay by Dr. Eileen Drew, and Kathleen Lynch.

Supported by The Arts Council.


28 Pages
150 x 210 mm
ISBN Not Available


A new publication with the findings of the survey and residency, with recommendations for arts organisation to better support and be inclusive of artists with children, was launched on the 16th of May. The publication features an essay by eminent researcher Dr. Eileen Drew looking at the context of parenting in Ireland in which this survey fits. The Publication will be launched by feminist activist and academic Ailbhe Smyth, with a keynote lecture from Prof. Kathleen Lynch on Love Labour and its impact on carers, particularly women. The survey and its key findings were developed and analysed by Professor Helen Kara.

About the Collective
The Mothership Project is a network of parenting artists in Ireland. We aim to support parenting artists in the development of their practice and to encourage arts organisations to make the art world a more inclusive place for artists with children. Since 2013 The Mothership has hosted workshops and discussions on issues facing parenting artists in Ireland. We have also hosted show & tell events and reading groups around the theoretical underpinnings of this equality and solidarity based project.

The Mothership Project is currently managed collectively by four artists : Leah Hillard, Michelle Browne, Seoidín O’Sullivan  and Tara Kennedy. They organise and administer the workings of the network. There are many artist parents who have contributed to this project and The Mothership exists through the collective effort and generosity of the many creative minds and caring bodies that have willed it into being.

The Mothership Project have presented as part of The Workers Cafe in 2013, VAI’s annual get Together 2014 and have led an Open Space Technology meeting at Roscommon Arts Centre in 2015 and as part of “My Brilliant Friend” in 2016 at Temple Bar Gallery and Studios. The Mothership have also hosted meetings in Limerick City Gallery, Visual Carlow, IMMA, Project Arts Centre and others.

The Mothership engaged in the architectural research project “Permanently Temporary” with Tara Kennedy to explore the experience of architecture in shared, cultural and co-working spaces for parents with young children, questioning how the design of these places might better support radical and active citizenship, flexible working practices and exchange of ideas, and therefore contribute to more socially diverse and inclusive living.

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