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Sample Pack

Sample PackSample Packs
Pixart Printing


Various Sample Packs
13 different sample packs
Various Sizes
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  • Rigid Media Sample Pack-  rigid media sample pack will help you get your head around the numerous materials in the Pixartprinting catalogue. You’ll receive all the various options for printing in a handy cardboard box, allowing you to assess their weight and colour performance and choose the most suitable product for your projects.
  • Paper Sample Pack- Which is better – a classic or deluxe paper? Should you opt for lamination or a matt coating? To dispel any doubts you may have and choose the perfect material with confidence, order our sample pack – you’ll be able to take a close-up look at all our paper types, feel their texture with your own hands and see the effect of the various special finishes. An indispensable solution for both you and your clients’ projects.
  • Labels and Stickers Sample Pack- A classic design or a special finish? Paper or plastic? To help you choose the perfect label or sticker for your project, we created this sample pack of our roll labels and stickers. See all the models up close and order the ones that best suit you and your customers.
  • Packaging Sample Pack- Feel the quality of the materials with your own hands and see our vast range of models up close with our packaging sample pack. From promotional boxes to food packaging, discover our full range and choose the best options for you.

A collection of design resources and samples.

About the Publisher
Pixartprinting is a leading e-commerce company specialising in providing customised online printing services across Europe. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, we are at the forefront of digital printing and continuously invest in cutting-edge technology to ensure that we can offer the highest quality printed products at low prices. As well as focusing on innovation, we are also constantly researching the best materials for our products and add new products to our extensive catalogue to adapt to global changes and the latest trends.

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