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Anastasia Bogomolova

Anastasia Bogomolova


Hardcover in card box
64 pages
150 x 220 mm


Recall is the study of nature and of memory – personal, family, collective. “Still alive and mobile memory itself, until she turned to stone, there is no chance to stop this flood of memories and catch stilled in time images. Faces of the past – gone youth, past and forgotten lives – not freeze ever. Moving away from the present, images of the past, images of entire generations of the family, repeatedly restored through our memories, relentlessly changing. Some of their features are deleted, others resurfacing. Again and again, referring to his and others’ memory, we have to build upon family history and tinker portraits own relatives. Preconceived notions about the break up and multiply them, dooming us to the cycle of remembrances. Even with the age of the experience acquired memories analysis fails to achieve any absolute definition of family and personal memory, or at the same time impenetrable darkness of oblivion. We’re always somewhere in the middle, half way to the truth. Or maybe at the beginning of the road.”

About the Artist
Anastasia Bogomolova is an artist and researcher. They work with performative practices documenting the process in the installations, photography, sculptures, video, sound, and text. In their projects, Anastasia turns to the imitation of everyday rituals and studies mimicry as a theme, method and visual language. Their research also focuses on the flexible nature of memory, on difficult heritage, as well as on the depiction of traces. The attention to the image of trace comes from their fascination with events that may be preserved in conditional outlines or are not seen as events anymore. They live and work in Yekaterinburg, Ural, Russia.

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