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Queer Earth Food
Clare Lagomarsino

Queer Earth Food, Clare Lagomarsino

Queer Earth Food, Clare LagomarsinoQueer Earth Food
Clare Lagomarsino
Combos Press

Texts by Lucecita Cruz, Julia Turshen, Jen Turshen, Jen Rowray, Mika Shibuya and Meech Boakye.


Softcover, Spiral bound
4th Edition of 250.
66 Pages
150 x 210 mm
ISBN Not Available


Queer Earth Food is a collection of writing and art on the topics of food, the earth, and queerness. The contributors blur the line between agriculture and food, and are largely located outside of the NYC/LA food industries. In this increasingly digital age, it’s important to me that their work, and all queer work, lives in a dedicated, tangible print space.

About the Artist
Clare Lagomarsino is a Portland-raised, Brooklyn-bred, bicoastal freelance graphic designer. They graduated from Parsons School of Design in 2019 with my BFA in Communication Design. While in school, they fell in love with publication design, bookbinding, and letterpress and risograph printing.

About the Publisher
Combos Press is a small publisher of any and all publications. Interested in exploring the world of food and beverage publishing, and centering LGBTQ+ people.

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