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Protester Portraits
Marc Fischer

Protester Portraits, Marc Fischer

Protester Portraits, Marc FischerProtester Portraits
Marc Fischer
Half Letter Press


16 pages
220 x 140 mm
ISBN Not Available


Protester Portraits is the latest in a series of publications Marc Fischer has created using details from discarded press photos in his own collection. In 2021, he purchased 1,000 press photos contained in two auction lots in a quest to find more material for the exhibition and book Protest Grim Reapers. This trove yielded exactly two photos for that project, leaving him with the task of finding interesting uses for the rest.

For this short booklet, Marc Fischer selected photos of a number of costumed or performative protesters, framed in the manner of portraits—though most were part of larger multi-person compositions originally. He has retained the events or causes associated with each protester, as well as the year each photo was taken. He left out the photographer and newspaper credits, however, as these photos—and the way they are used in this booklet—deviate quite heavily from their original function.

About the Author
Marc Fischer is a Chicago-based artist and a member of Temporary Services, a group that has produced over 100 publications and organized and participated in dozens of exhibitions, projects, and events. Fischer and Brett Bloom of Temporary Services also run the publishing imprint Half Letter Press.

About the Publisher
Half Letter Press is a publishing imprint and online store initiated by Temporary Services. Temporary Services is now two people—Brett Bloom & Marc Fischer. We have published booklets as an element of our collaborative work since 1998. We created Half Letter Press to publish and distribute book and booklet length works by ourselves and others. We are interested in using this endeavor to build long-term support and expanded audiences for people that work creatively in experimental ways. We are particularly interested in supporting people and projects that have had difficulty finding financial and promotional assistance through mainstream commercial channels.