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Proposals for Paris
Artists’ Books Cooperative

Proposals for Paris Artists' Books Cooperative

Proposals for Paris Artists' Books CooperativeProposals for Paris
Artists’ Books Cooperative


Edition of 100
22 postcards
148 x 105 mm
ISBN Not Applicable


Inspired by the Situationist’s 1955 text, “Proposals for Rationally Improving the City of Paris”, ABC Proposals for Paris invited members of the Cooperative to envisage a public art project for the city, to be presented as part of a series of bound postcards. Like most ABC projects the theme was very much open to interpretation. Artists featured include Corinne Vionnet, David Schulz, Dawn Kim, Duncan Wooldridge, EJ Major, Eric Doeringer, Hermann Zschiegner, John MacLean, Jonathan Lewis, Jonathan Schmidt-Ott, Louis Porter, Micheál O’Connel / MOCKSIM, Mishka Henner, Oliver Griffin, Rachel Zoller, Travis Schaffer and Wil van Iersel.

About the Publisher
ABC (Artists’ Books Cooperative) is an international group of artists, publishers, and educators seeking to create, engage, and experiment with the form of the book, and to foster alternative forms of distribution through collaboration. As well as working on their own practices, they work together to produce collective projects. Centred on book fairs and their online forum, they aim to develop a growing international network of artists.

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