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Bog Babes
2016 Calendar

Bog Babes Calendar

Bog Babes CalendarBog Babes: 2016 Calendar
The Good Hatchery 


26 pages
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This calendar was created for the 2016 year by The Good Hatchery in the form of a typical ‘babe’ calendar, but with the twist of being set in an Irish bog.

About the Creator
The Good Hatchery is an experimental project that sets out to challenge the norms for the production and presentation of contemporary art in Ireland today. They are committed to the support of artists in the production of high quality progressive art works, promoting an ethos of DIY and sustainability that takes advantage the spread of information and online learning opportunities enabled by our global age. TGH, its development and work are all closely aligned with a broad understanding of what resource is.

The Good Hatchery is based in the rural bog lands of north Offaly in the Irish Midlands. Currently run by visual artists Carl Giffney and Ruth E Lyons, TGH operates a curatorial programme of residencies, on site projects and exhibitions. TGH offers residential studios and workshop spaces to artists for the realisation of ambitious artworks free of charge. The Good Hatchery is also the name of a collaborative practice conducted by the two artists, that often deals with issues that relate to TGH. With it they often embody their approach to art making methods developed in the deep rural.

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