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Private Pool
James McPherson

Private Pool, James McPherson

Private Pool, James McPhersonPrivate Pool
James McPherson
Clown Kisses Press


Softcover (with zine insert)
28 pages
215 x 280 mm
ISBN Not Available

The third and final instalment of the Pool Saga. This zine includes an insert on algae facts and pool care.

About the Artist
James McPherson is an American painter and printmaker. He has a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University.

About the Publisher
Started by three VCUarts Alumni Clown Kisses Press was briefly known as “Clown Meat Press” this was quickly deemed to be “maybe a little too much”. Next a risograph printer was purchased and the rest is history. Clown Kisses Press is a risograph press based in Richmond,VA specializing in zines, books, comics, prints, posters, etc.

Clown Kisses Press looks to work with emerging artists as a place to create and publish a work as part of an edition. Also, Clown Kisses Press is a local printer that can offer printing services to those with a risograph project in mind.