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Pools, James McPherson

James McPhersonPools
James McPherson
Clown Kisses Press


Third Edition
24 pages
215 x 280 mm
ISBN Not Available


A small 20 page zine telling the story of cleaning pools.

About the Artist
James McPherson is an American painter and printmaker. He has a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University.

About the Publisher
Started by three VCUarts Alumni Clown Kisses Press was briefly known as “Clown Meat Press” this was quickly deemed to be “maybe a little too much”. Next a risograph printer was purchased and the rest is history. Clown Kisses Press is a risograph press based in Richmond,VA specializing in zines, books, comics, prints, posters, etc.

Clown Kisses Press looks to work with emerging artists as a place to create and publish a work as part of an edition. Also, Clown Kisses Press is a local printer that can offer printing services to those with a risograph project in mind.